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Core resources

Within the ICAM programme a series of inter-related small group workshops have been written to support primary and secondary CAM and their families build awareness, knowledge and skills.


BeCSR continues the development of this resource bank, with a series of workshop plans and supporting resources specifically designed to complement and supplement the existing workshop offer.


The key aims of the workshops are to build social and emotional resilience and digital literacy so that they have the ability to better protect themselves and other children and to make safe and responsible decisions when they are online; 

including their avoidance of, and response to, cyber-bullying, radicalisation and attempted grooming as victims or bystanders.

The workshops follow a common plan and overarching framework that is common to primary secondary and family delivery, but differentiated to best suit the target audience.


The small group workshops can be used from Year 5/6 primary through to Year 9 secondary (age range 10-14), at a time when these workshops are deemed to have an impact on a young person’s growing internet freedoms.

Think and discuss: When do you think is the most appropriate age to introduce BeCSR to children in your education setting?

Small Group sessions

Download the resources below:

Parent resources

Primary school resources

Secondary school resources

Think about:

Look at the detail of the workshop plans


Which workshop titles are of most interest to you and your school community?


Covid-19 Pandemic and impact on all vulnerable learners:

Could some of these resources be adapted and included into your core curriculum for every child and every parent?

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