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BeCSR programme

The BeCSR programme aims to develop the SEL (social and emotional learning) and increase the online media literacy of c 500 Children Affected by Migration (CAM) from 40 trial schools in 4 countries so that they have the ability to better protect themselves and other children and to make safe and responsible decisions when they are on-line; including their avoidance of, and response to, cyber-bullying, radicalization, and attempted grooming as victims or bystanders.

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Although it can be taught, most SEL is assimilated and requires the appropriate climate in school and in the home. 


The SEL for CAM will be achieved alongside the improvement to the climate of convivencia (living in harmony) in schools and in the home.


In that respect, BeCSR is and will be fully integrated into the ICAM training plan.

The project will be disseminated across Europe.

More information about the iCAM programme can be found here:

To achieve this BeCSR programme will:

  • produce a literature review and collect good practice in the   practical support for CAM's safe and responsible internet usage

  • develop ICAM team-supported training and materials for use in training BeCSR National Facilitators

  • develop National Facilitator-supported cascaded online training programmes for training BeCSR School Leaders

  • provide online training for whole school convivencia and CAM SEL for use by School BeCSR leaders with school staff and parents/carers

  • provide learning and teaching materials for the development of SEL related to safe and responsible   behaviour and on-line media literacy

  • develop CAM’s SEL , media literacy and ability to make   sensible and safe decisions when they are on-line at home,   at school or with peers

  • enable CAM to help others by recognising, understanding   and preventing cyberbullying, online harassment and   immoral behaviour and knowing what to do when they   encounter it

  • evaluate the project and improve it as a result of trials in 40   schools in 4 countries

  • disseminate the project widely through the Associate  organisations both in the partner countries and Europe wide   via UNICEF ECA, Terre DesHommes, and Eurochild

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We will also examine and model the potential of exploiting the online gaming environment (in terms of design and operability) to create engaging and empowering “Serious Games” which aim to build social and emotional awareness and resilience through realistic simulation and roleplay in safe cyber environments.

The finished game can be found here: 

Think about: 

What are my school’s strengths (and what evidence do I have to support my assertion) in delivering:

  • E-safety lessons to all pupils

  • Social and emotional learning aimed at building on-line resilience to cyber-bullying, grooming and radicalization

  • Specific support for children affected by migration with regards to the points above

  • Supporting the parents of children affected by migration in terms of e-safety

  • What do I think is a priority area for my school community?

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